Dunning Kruger / Too Cool for School

How to Manage Ignorance

A Couple arguing — they don’t agree, can they both be right? or both wrong?
A Couple arguing — they don’t agree, can they both be right? or both wrong?

Have you ever been in a discussion where you knew you were correct, but you also knew the other person also knew that they were right too? I wish I could say this is a rare occurrence, but watching the news for 15 minutes proves many intelligent individuals are convinced they are correct when a large percentage of them are wrong.

Let's call this “Incorrect Knowledge.”

Unfortunately, this is as true in business as it is in politics. There are many conference and board rooms across the globe where well-meaning participants (combatants?) are entrenching themselves, supporting a fundamentally wrong position.


An enjoyable experience.

Like a ham sandwich enjoys talking about mustard, I always enjoy talking about mentorship. Some might say that I obsess about this topic just a smidge too much.

My colleagues will vouch for the too much part. One such discussion put a bee in my bonnet and sent me trotting to my desk to document my thoughts about the significant differences between a coach and a mentor. The blog post, To seek a Coach or a Mentor, that is the Question was the result. I was concerned that too many folks felt these roles were interchangeable, that it was one…

Importance of Mentorship

Most of us understand that the benefits of mentorship are many and significant. Mentee’s have benefited from personal and professional growth, while organizations have increased retention rates, productivity and proficiency, and improved overall engagement. In this tight market for top talent, organizations predictably look to mentorship as a benefit such to retain and attract talent.

“Can anyone recommend a reasonable bounty hunter other than Jango Fett?”

Some might say that a sincere recommendation is the most reliable indicator of the value added for any service. If we believe that statement is true, proficient mentorship must be a great indicator of…

Love and Service

Small Gifts Provide Joy for a Lifetime

Are you one of those addicted to the feeling you get when you help someone? I certainly am, and I know exactly when that addiction started.

I learned the truth about that feeling in the sixth grade.

At the time, I had been taking piano lessons for several years. I loved playing the piano, but I am embarrassed to admit that the piano-playing didn’t align with the rugged manly image that I was trying hard to nurture and project. …

Great article - easy read with lots for thought provoking comments! - Over the course of my experience, I have learned that the flip side of your comments about being knowledgable are is also true. Ignorance can best be defined as the belief he/she knows everything possible about a given subject w/o any true learning or experience (acting)

Thanks again for a great early morning coffee read!

Thanks for a great article! This last point is the one that I try to impress on Leaders. /Managers repeatedly. Make sure you understand how easy it may be to change the decision.

If possible - reframe the decision as an experiment - Define success (write it down) and pay attention to the results.

Usually, the team performs better, and ultimately the customer benefits - from a couple of failed experiments!

Obsessive focus on achieving "things" derails our ability to get to a fulfilling and joyful place. The related dissonance creates lots of stress!

This is a great point about a terrible, though often asked question. In todays tech market in particular a great response might be "Please tell me why I should work here, tell me how you will nurture, develop, and grow my talents. Tell me how you will ensure that my time spent here will be fulfilling"

Just saying :)

Christopher Fullam

X-Googler & Co-Founder at Ajito. Leveraging over 30 yrs exp. building & growing tech orgs to achieve Clarity, Predictability, and Engagement.

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